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Advanced Rune Magic by Karl Hans Welz
For you this is experience of the creative energies of the universe !!!

(Only If you are serious about Runic Studies)

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Therefore there is a lot more to Runes than giving readings and "Rune Stones"!


Contents of the Book

What this book will do for you
What are the Basics? - Odin's Rune Song, the Magical Poem
Access-Keywords, Meanings, and Corelations of Runes
Body- and Hand Positions of Runes
About Ceremonials, About Ceremonial Utensils, Preparations of the Utensils
The Basic Ceremony
Ceremonial for Success
Ceremonial for Success, Simplified Version
Chant for Success
Ceremonial for Love
Ceremonial for Love, Simplified Version
Chant for Love
Ritual to Change Bad Luck into Good Circumstances
Chant for Change
Calling of the Soulmate
Ceremony of the Grostic Wedding
Chant for Successful Creativity


What these instructions will do for you

Change! All life is continuous change! Some for the better, some for the worse. Every day we are confronted with new situations. Some pleasant, others less pleasant! We have to deal with them whether we want to do so or not. We can never be certain about the outcome, but we are working with all that we have available to get the best outcome possible that our imagination can create, and more, if we keep the desire open-ended.

To influence the outcome of a specific situation we have many means available. Most of these means are well-known to most everybody. Usually we evaluate a situation, or challenge that we face, first. Then, based on this evaluation we can take whatever steps it takes to make the best of the situation. If, for instance, you want something very badly, then you look for methods to get that which you want. If, for some reason you have to find out that the means that are available to you at the time being are insufficient for the task, then you can take one of two ways: Either you accept the fact that your means are insufficient and you settle for second-best, i.e., you give up, or you look for new means to achieve that goal.

There are certainly lots of people out there who always try to tell you that your means are inherently limited and that you should not go for the sky and that it's morally better if you are satisfied with that which you can get easily. In real English those folks means that you should be satisfied with that which they don't want anyway while giving up on things that they try to get for themselves. These sermons are in most cases those folks' means of keeping you out of a competition so that it will be easier for them to get the things they want. It is certainly best to be suspicious of such sermons and to have a closer look at the people who are proffering them. Many of those are folks who skillfully clothe their greed into moralizing spiritual sermons! Naturally they try to convince you to stop searching for new means and to give up your intentions to have the good life they aspire to. Every shepherd's intent is to have as many sheep as possible!

Especially if you dare to think of the less conventional means, many of your contemporaries try to convince you that such means are "evil". They tell you that astrology is "evil", because they may fear that exactly at the time when you are willing and ready to give that large donation, making their lives sweeter, your astrological aspects could show that somehow you are prone to be defrauded out of a lot of money and property, and you may think over your generosity twice before making a move to fatten their billfolds even more!

Once you overcome you self-imposed limitations to which you were indoctrinated, you will find out soon that you have more means available to get many more good things in life than you ever may have thought possible.

Magickal or psychic methods to change a situation in one's favor have been used successfully for as long as humankind roamed this planet. Of these methods, the work with Runes has a very special importance. This is so, because work with Runes can bring you in contact with the realms of creation, hence more possibility to change a situation from its roots, right at the beginning.

Over the centuries past, Runic practice developed many powerful techniques to influence the outcome of a situation. Such methods can be a lot more powerful than the usual calling of gods, angels, spirits, the Holy virgin, etc., all entities that traditionally have helped the rich and the powerful while keeping those who worshipped them most toiling in almost unbearable poverty.

The reason for this tremendous power of Runes, as far as adjusting a situation is concerned, is that with Runes you tune into root causes at the creative levels and to creatively work on your destiny rather than dealing with well-defined trend energies. Working with Runes compares with a card player having a hand full of wild cards, rather than well-defined cards. Such a player can name his cards whichever way is desirable for the situation. Most people can feel the runes almost immediately, so it is easy to get this "feel" whether something you do works or not. This is especially true when you use a Welz Chi Generator in combination with your Rune work.

Should you not have had this experience before, we will be happy to connect you with one of these devices for a day at no cost if you ask us to do so! Then you can find out for yourself the tremendous power of these symbols that connect you with the realms of creation-eternal, consequently how much more powerful Runes can perform your work!

Here you will find examples of Runic ceremonials for many situations. Consequently it will be easy for you to devise special Runic ceremonials to handle just about every situation. Precondition is naturally that you have knowledge of Runic practice.

Rune energies can be generated with ease. Furthermore, most people, even beginners of Runic practice, can actually feel these energies immediately. To be able to work with this book you do no need a thorough knowledge of Runes. Practically everything you need for success is contained here.

Of course, since the invention of the Welz Chi Generator, it is possible to add an enormous boost of life force to Runic ceremonials. We invite you to test the power of this device by getting an individual transfer of energy for a few hours. You can ask to connect this transfer with a Rune of your choice. With this extraordinary test you will certainly have a Runic experience, the power of which you will surprise.

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