A Course in Cosmic Consciousness
A Practical Guide to Oneness with the Divine in six easy lessons
Karl Hans Welz, inventor of the Chi Generator®, Orgonite®, etc.
A Gigantic Step into the Future !!!
Wilhelm Reich and Franz Anton Mesmer 150 years before Reich invented accumulators of life force, a device that accumulated life force from its surroundings.  Masemer called this energy "animal magnetism," Reich called it "orgone."
Karl Hans Welz invented the generator of life force (Orgone Generator®, Chi Generator® or Prana Generator®) the first device on the planet that actually generates life force.  One year later he invented orgonite®, a very effective material to accumulate life force (chi, orgone, prana, mana).
The shortest distance between two points in the universe is a structural link!

Lesson 1
      Religion and Technology

      The Importance of Oneness with The Divine

      Why we Need the Practice of Oneness

      About Consciousness and Oneness

      The Elements

      The Planes

      The Material Plane

      The Astral Plane

      The Mental Plane

      The Causal Plane

Lesson 2
      The Workspace Outside Yourself.
      Protective Measures.
      The Altar.
      The Workspace Within Yourself.
      Astral travel.
      Practice: Being One with the Will.

Lesson 3
      Elemental Polygons and Cabalistic Structure..
      The Divine Name and the Process Manifestation.
      Fire and Water.
      The Workspace Around Yourself.
      The Workplace Within.
      Being one with Your Will and with Your Emotions.

Lesson 4
      The Mental Plane.
      The Interaction with Water and Air.
      Your Outer Realm.
      Exploring the Air Element.
      Being One with the Mind.
      Practice of Aligning the Three...

Lesson 5
      Exploring the Earth Element Part 1.
      The Workplace Around Yourself.
      Exploring the Earth Element Part 2.
      Being One with Consciousness.
      The Practice of the Four Elements.

Oneness of the Divine can be the single most important factor on
your road to success in achieving positive permanent change!

Welcome to the course in cosmic consciousness! The technique that you are about to learn in the six lessons of this course will be of immense value to you. It will facilitate your magical studies and it will be of great help in any other spiritual and psychic practice that you pursue. The benefits of this course will also reach over into your everyday life. This technique will teach you to achieve oneness with the Divine in a very short period of time! The following is very important! Please read carefully!

Religion and Technology

At the dawn of mankind, religion was technology and technology was religion. To some extent this still holds for some of the "primitive" peoples of our times who have not yet been touched by technological advancement nor have their senses been destroyed as a result of indoctrination by organized mass religions.

At a relatively early point in human evolution a split occurred. Things that people saw as "tangible" they considered to be "technological" while that which was not tangible belonged to the realms of the Divine, later religion.

Science attempted to discover structures and natural laws in the tangible world while the metaphysical systems and theologies attempted to describe that which is going on in the intangible world. The more scientific thought advanced in recent times, the more things that were supposed to be tangible turned out not to be that tangible after all. At the same time new scientific systems developed that began to probe into the many worlds of things intangible. The seemingly sharp demarcation between that which is religious and psychic and that which is technological and scientific proved more and more to be arbitrary, if not illusionary.

On the other hand, researchers on the metaphysical side became more and more aware of the usefulness of scientific models and of scientific rigor. Most metaphysicists of our times however are not yet fully aware of the usefulness of this beneficial development. Most of them are still exhibiting a total lack of scientific training. Some even go sop far to carry hostility against scientific thought and methods. Sadly enough, it is the scientific half wits, or quarter wits, that control much of the metaphysical thinking of our times. The time for change is more than necessary. This is so because more and more people open up to the fact that things spiritual and psychic are as valid as things that are scientific and technological, in fact that the two are inseparable. We have to come to the conclusion that a spiritual, or inner, reality that is independent of or in contrast to an outer, or scientific, reality does not exist. Both realities coexist.

Again psychic technologies and spiritual advancement as well as material technologies may be considered to be facets of one and the same evolutionary process. For humans to achieve their fullest evolutionary potential, they have to include both technologies. The result of such a development is an all inclusive metaphysical technology, or a technological metaphysic. This is a discipline that can be the way to interact with all accessible levels of consciousness, or existence. It is interaction that reaches from the material planes all the way to the realms of energies of a higher order and energies of the realms of creation. We are at the threshold of an all encompassing and true magic.

The Importance of Oneness with the Divine

     The technologies of unified material and higher order energies have the potential of access to infinite powers. When I say infinite, I mean a process: No matter what level of power you achieve, there will always be more beyond. The potential of infinite power requires from the individual an adjustment and training that is commensurate to this potential. This means that the training compares to training in advanced sciences.

     The psychic and spiritual dimensions are part of new technologies as we have elaborated in the previous chapter. Therefore it became important that the training and preparation for handling new technologies come from within the individual. Such training should ensure rapid and safe advancement. Many of the mystery schools and "New Age" groups abound with methods to prepare the individual.

     Of all these methods, there seems to be only one that we can consider to be a solid basis for rapid spiritual advancement and safe psychic development, and access to the creative realms of the universe. The method in question is the development of the consciousness of being One with the Divine. We know that many other names exist for this type practice and achievement. Some call it Christ consciousness. Others call it Higher Self and so on.

     According to popular belief Oneness is a long term goal. Some people have a vested interest in spreading a lot of such popular beliefs; among them in the forefront are bosses of mystery schools whose main concern is in keeping a lot of paying students or a lot of worshippers! Contrary to this generally accepted popular belief Oneness should be a basis of metaphysical advancement and not its long term goal. Furthermore, it can be achieved in a relatively short period of time. As is the case with many other metaphysical practices, it is so easy that it takes some people decades to learn it. That's because most people think that everything needs to be complicated to be effective. To achieve this type consciousness in a relatively short period of time, all it takes is the right advice in the right surrounding, preferably with others who have the same goal in mind.

     The course that you are about to being with this lesson will help you to seek out or generate the right inner and outer surroundings as well as the necessary know how to achieve this important experience, or state of mind. Experience will teach you that achieving Oneness is quite an easy task!

     Practice with persons who have achieved Oneness has many benefits. Besides the fact that these people are good teachers for you, they can also project Divine energies to you so that you will achieve your goal much easier, perhaps in a matter of a few hours of practice.

     Once you have achieved Oneness, you can project energies and help others in the same way others have helped you. Such practice will cause you to be more and more rooted in Oneness with the Divine so that it will be a solid basis for all your further actions, overall success, and advancement in the many fascinating aspects of spiritual technology, or technological spirituality. Once you will have become aware of your own Divine nature, many things will turn out to be a lot easier that they may have looked previously.


Why we Need the Practice of Oneness

     Our times are a challenge to all of mankind. Therefore more than ever we need as many empowered individuals as possible who can contribute to an overall healing of the situation on this planet.

     This situation demands fast action. Mankind, therefore, can no longer afford the luxury of having so-called minority cultures. A minority culture is a culture in which only a very tiny minority of individuals are creative and contribute to overall progress of the civilization. The times are over once and for all where a few individuals jealously kept powerful technology and spiritual practices away from the masses so that they can keep their own cherished positions. In our times there is no longer a place for the long lasting training systems in which precious time of the seeker is wasted on things that he or she can learn in a relatively short period of time.

     For all these reasons this course offers you a unique system of individual empowerment and training that has as its main goal rapid advancement and rapid acquiring of skills. As responsible human beings we ought to have the advancement of mankind as a whole in mind rather than the keeping of power positions.

     Consequently I put emphasis on practical application of that which we teach and on personal experience. Under no circumstances do I intend to burden the begithey are therefore in a position to act from a Divine position rather than from their human one. They have their consciousness of being One evolve from a tiny spark to the ever lasting light of a constant conscious attitude that encompasses the totality of their being.

     Typically, when a seeker is in one of the meetings for the first time, he or she will have a practical experience that brings about hands-on insights of what I am talking about here. After a few classes, not years of training, you will have your first deep awareness of Oneness with the Divine. As a result of practical experience you will understand what the meaning is of such things as the Higher Self, Christ consciousness, and Higher consciousness. Then you will know beyond the shadow of any doubt that this your awareness of your Divinity is to be at the beginning of a powerful and balanced advancement. All you need to do is invest a few hours of your life to achieve the most worthwhile and exciting breakthrough ever, then thank yourself!

About Consciousness and Oneness

     An often heard question is why we should develop our consciousness of being one if we are one anyway. Time has proven that the consciousness of being one with the Divine has many benefits. Above all it is an attitude that gives us more power, or influence, over our environment. This is especially true in our dealing with energies of a higher order, or entities. Oneness, or being in tune with all four planes, gives us access to these energies on all their levels. For this reason we can then control them.

     Even if we cannot achieve the "ideal state" overnight, being conscious of our Divine nature works for us very much like our "owning" a house. We know that we do not own it, our bank knows that we do not own it, the government can take it away any time under the spurious pretense of "imminent domain," yet we do as if we own it and, for most of the time, all other human beings respect this ownership once we have made a "down payment." This course is a first touching upon one of the most important characteristics of human nature. It compares to a "down payment" for a house. As you proceed with your practice of Oneness you will know that you are One because you are the One there is!

     The techniques that you learn with this course will generate in you such as consciousness of being One. This new consciousness is a powerful stimulus that will bring about powerful new experiences, new breakthroughs, and new powers.

     The techniques that follow are a reflection of how we see our world. They follow the principle that says: "as above so below." In other words: the structure of a human being reflects the structure of its Divine principle. The Bible says: "God created man in his image." In this case it's well the other way around because this god reflects the patriarchalistic culture of the time when this principle was created.

     On a most basic level the Divine principle expresses itself in the four elements, or planes of existence. Oneness then means being conscious of all the elements within and having all four elements aligned consciously.

     If you prefer to work with five elements, you may adjust the following to your specific view.

     What follows is a way of looking at the universe around yourself and within. This picture, or mapping, should be a stimulus for you to expand on it when you are going to work with it. Being a mapping it is not the universe itself, but it is an outline that we can follow in order to interact with our universe. The various planes of which we are going to speak overlap. The subdivision into four is a convenience that reflects our experience. It is useful. Therefore we should work with it.

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